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Reported bugs

Bugs are reported and tracked via UNILIB/TRAC

Historical bugs:

  • 26-Aug-97, v1.05, R.01 - Anomalous return of subroutine ud310() with error code -41108

  • 27-Aug-97, v1.05, ut985(): Malfunction when field line extended to foot points

  • 10-Sep-97, v1.06, R.02 - Erroneous behaviour of most of the external magnetic field models

  • 24-Oct-97, v1.07, ut550(): Erroneous behaviour of the coordinate transformations relative to GSM and MAG coordinate systems

  • 18-Dec-97, v1.11, R.03 - Malfunction of subroutine uf426()

  • 14-Dec-98, v2.00, ul242(): Lack of accuracy for low values of I

  • 20-Jan-98, v2.00, ud315() and ud327(): Error in the interpolation algorithm and inaccurate evaluation of the point with the lowest altitude